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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The system for booking parking spaces and using the services supplied by Park & Fly Eindhoven BV are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Business (the ‘General Conditions’) set out below. The version of the General Conditions that is binding is the current version as at the time of the booking.

Article 1 - Definitions

1.1 Park & Fly: Park & Fly Eindhoven BV, a private limited company with registered office at Luchthavenweg 67b, 5657 EA Eindhoven;

1.2 Traveller: a natural person or legal entity that makes a booking with Park & Fly and/or parks their car on a Park & Fly parking facility;

1.3 Parking Period: the period booked in advance by the Traveller in which the vehicle is to be parked by the Traveller, being the period between the start date (including this date) and the end date (including this date) of the parking of the vehicle.


Article 2 – Online contract conditions

2.1 The availability of an online system for reservations imposes no binding legal obligation upon Park & Fly, but represents a non-binding invitation to a Traveller to make a booking or enter into a parking contract.

2.2 By sending the online contract form the Traveller makes a binding offer to make a booking or enter into a parking contract.

2.3 Acceptance of this offer is by means of confirmation from Park & Fly in immediate response to the offer and a check by Park & Fly of the availability of parking spaces (booking confirmation).


Article 3- The parking facility

3.1 By making a booking with Park & Fly that specifies the precise Parking Period and arrival and return times, the Traveller may book a parking space.

3.2 The booking gives the limited right to park the vehicle during the Parking Period on the parking site stipulated in the booking confirmation.

3.3 A specific number of parking spaces are reserved for this parking facility. Park & Fly is entitled to refuse a booking if this booking results in the designated number of parking spaces being exceeded.

3.4 Park & Fly is entitled to refuse any reservation without the need to justify such refusal.


Article 4 - Booking, payment, changes, and cancellation

4.1 The Traveller may book a parking facility up to 24 hours prior to the start date and time of the Parking Period.

4.2 The Traveller must pay for the booking in advance by Ideal, Sofortbanking, Bancontact and Credit Card.

4.3 The Traveller may cancel the booking by e-mail up to 1 hour before arrival at Park & Fly.

4.4 If the Traveller wishes to cancel, the only way to do this is by e-mail to

parking@parkenfly.com. If the Traveller cancels in accordance with section 3 of this article, the booking fee, less 25% administration costs, will be refunded by the same method of payment with which it was paid. If the cancellation is later than the notice period required by Park & Fly, or in the event of a no show, there is no right to a refund of the booking fee.

4.5 Park & Fly will reserve a parking space for the Traveller as from 1.5 hours before, and 4 hours after, the start and end times of the Parking Period specified in the booking confirmation. If the Traveller does not park in the Parking Period in the parking space reserved in the booking confirmation then the booking is deemed to have been unused. In such a case the booking is deleted and Park & Fly is entitled to allocate the parking space to another Traveller.

4.6 Changes of booking are possible as from the receipt of the booking confirmation up to 24 hours before the agreed start of the Parking Period. A booking change allows a new Parking Period to be chosen within 12 months of the original start date.

4.7 Park & Fly reserves the right to change its fees. Any change in fees will not affect pre-existing bookings.

4.8 If you cancel during a pandemic, you are not entitled to a refund of the reservation amount, you are only entitled to a voucher of the entire reservation amount.


Article 5 - Privacy

5.1 Park & Fly adopts high ethical standards and respects your privacy.

For that reason we do not supply your personal data to any third party; it is used only to keep you updated on our annual early booking discount. For more information, please read our privacy statement.



Article 6 - Parking

6.1 The Traveller must park their vehicle on one of the available parking spaces.

6.2 The vehicle must be able to fit within a parking space of 5.00 x 2.50 metres. If the vehicle is larger than this, Park & Fly may refuse permission to park.

6.3 Only the parking of passenger vehicles (excluding trailers) is permitted.

6.4If the vehicle is to be parked in a roofed space this will be indicated on the booking page, including the maximum headroom.

6.5 Within the parking facility the vehicle may not be driven faster than at walking pace.

6.6 Within the parking facility it is not permitted:

– to store fuel and fire-hazardous objects such as fuel containers;

– to leave engines running unnecessarily;

– to park cars with an open fuel tank or fuel cap, or other unsafe condition;

– to stay longer in the parking facility than is strictly needed in connection with parking a vehicle. In particular, camping is prohibited;

– to repair or maintain a vehicle;

– to contaminate the parking facility, especially by washing the vehicle, or the releasing of water, fuel or oil;

– to walk on the carriageway including vehicle entrances and exits, except along footpaths or verges;

– to smoke or light a flame;

– to ride with bicycles, mopeds, inline skates, skateboards, or other vehicle or equipment, or to park any such items in the parking facility;

– to distribute advertising materials.

6.7 The Traveller must also comply with instructions from staff, and observe the traffic markings and signs on site. The Traveller is also bound by the regulations governing the use of the airport and relevant traffic laws.

6.8 The Traveller must immediately notify Park & Fly of any damage they have caused in the parking facility or the installations therein (see Article 8 for details).

6.9 To be able to drive in and out of the parking facility the Traveller must use the access code supplied with the booking confirmation to either:

- input the pin code in the pin code terminal, or

- hold the bar code against the relevant bar-code scanner at the entrance and exit terminals. If as a result of using the said pin code or bar code when entering the parking facility an entry ticket is issued, this entry ticket must be retained as proof of the use of the booked parking space.

6.9 Park & Fly deems the party in possession of the entry code as the party entitled to the vehicle and to use the booked parking space. Park & Fly is entitled, but not obliged, to check this proof. If the entry code is refused, the Traveller should press the ‘help’ button on the entry terminal or contact the general phone number: 0031(0)40 23 50 273. On exiting the parking facility the Traveller must again input the pin code or scan the bar code.


Article 7 - Liability

7.1 The parked vehicle is entirely at the risk of the Traveller.

7.2 Park & Fly is not liable for direct financial loss relating to the vehicle attributed to any deliberate act or gross negligence on the part of Park & Fly or its employees.

7.3 Park & Fly is not liable for any theft, break in, or damage pertaining to the vehicle.


Article 8 – Final provisions

8.1 Unless stipulated otherwise the texts and images on the websites www.parkenfly.com and www.parkenfly.eu are copyright and belong to Zavumepa BV

8.2 Park & Fly Eindhoven BV is company registered in the Netherlands. Its services are governed by Dutch law.

8.3 Park & Fly Eindhoven BV has its registered office at the industrial estate of Eindhoven Airport. It is registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under number 17234885. Its VAT number is NL820000966B01.

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